Meetings and Presentations

Can X-Rays Trace the Origins of Printing?: Minhal Gardezi

Minhal Gardezi is a PhD Student in the Department of Physics at UW-Madison working with the From Jikji to Gutenberg project under professor Uwe Bergmann. This presentation describes the use of X-rays to study the composition of early pages printed from metal movable type… – PBS Wisconsin, University Place, May 2, 2023

Platemark s3e32 the print ecosystem: Ad Stijnman

From the podcast- Platemark: prints and the printmaking ecosystem

Ad discusses the From Jikji to Gutenberg project at 1:01:16 but the whole recording is informative and entertaining. We hope you find time to give it a listen.

From Jikji to Gutenberg Scholarly Colloquium

A meeting of scholars, historians, conservators, and librarians from seven countries –UNESCO, April 13-14, 2023g

UNESCO – From Jikji to Gutenberg Forum

An overall discussion through a zoom conference with presenters answering questions on Korean bookmaking & types. – Online, December 12-20, 2022

Grolier Club Panel Discussion: From Jikji to Gutenberg

Randy Silverman gave an update on the goals of the From Jikji to Gutenberg project; Jennifer Giaccai discussed an overview of the Scientific Examination of Four Gutenberg Folios… – November 8, 2022

JIKJI Global – Scientific Analysis of Jikji

Delve into the scientific exploration of Jikji, a 1377 metal type-printed book, as international collaboration reveals insights into its material composition, conservation, and potential applications, ensuring its preservation. – September, 2021 – September, 2022